Experience Center

Welcome to the Experience Center!

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In order to really help musicians, audiophiles, and television aficionados enjoy what they love most we are proud to present the Experience Center at Legacy Hearing Centers. This innovative room allows our staff to program your hearing aids for music or tv so you experience the world around you to your specific desire. While preset hearing aid programs for television or music are ‘better’ than a universal program in those environments, they don’t take into account differences in perception. Essentially your hearing aids, while using the preset from the manufacturer guidelines, tell you what the manufacturer thinks sounds best BUT through the use of the Experience Center we are able to fine tune your hearing aids so that these activities sound best to YOU not to the presets.

The Experience Center features a large screen television with streamers from different manufacturers including ReSound and Starkey amongst others, a baby grand piano, electric and acoustic guitars (with amplifiers for the electric!), violin, cello, clarinet, flute, trumpet, trombone, alto saxophone, and bass guitar.  Our stereo system is on its way. You are welcome to bring in your own instruments as well! We have had patients who have brought in their personal guitars, banjo, accordion, and concertina to create programs that make their music come to life again.

What can we do for you? Be sure to ask about the Experience Center at Legacy Hearing Centers!