Are you in need of hearing help?

Crowded Restaurant?

People out enjoying supper in a restaurant laughing together.

Do you find that your trips to restaurants are sometimes frustrating because you can't hear what is being said across the table? Are you finding yourself avoiding crowded environments despite your desire to socialize?

Struggle To Hear Your Family or Friends?

Family enjoying time together with Grandpa and grandchildren.

Have you noticed when chatting with family and friends that you find yourself asking "what?" or "huh?"  When listening to young children do you find yourself not quite understanding what they say? 

Having To Really Focus To Hear?

Man cupping his ear with his hand to be able to hear.

Do you find yourself working hard to focus on conversation? Do you find yourself frustrated having to guess the words you miss? Does the television or radio seem to require a little more volume than before?

How We Help

John Christopherson, HID, working with a client on an audiogram at Legacy Hearing Centers.

Auditory Examination

Using a five step testing process we are able to determine your type, degree, and configuration of your hearing loss. 

John Christopherson, HIS, filling out an audiogram at Legacy Hearing Centers.

Hearing Instrument Fitting

After your auditory exam is complete we will discuss with you the hearing aids that may best fit your hearing loss. We work with you to find the best possible solution to fit your needs, lifestyle, and budget. 


John Christopherson, HIS, working on a hearing aid at Legacy hearing Centers.

Hearing Instrument Service

We are here for you after your purchase. We service all makes and models of hearing aids.  We do both in store and manufacturer repairs. We also carry batteries and accessories for your hearing aids. 


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