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Have you ever noticed that life seems to zip by so quickly you barely have time to catch your breath? Little things escape us or get put off until they become too large to ignore any longer. That’s how hearing loss first appears. Conversations gradually get harder- especially in crowded situations. The TV’s volume gets louder and louder while the sounds of the world around you get faded and distant.
That’s where we can help. We specialize in finding hearing solutions for people just like you. We provide a comprehensive hearing test so that our team of caring and experienced professionals can help you find the right technology to help you rediscover all you’ve been missing.

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Hearing Aid Technology

Thanks to the many advancements in the past few years, today’s hearing aids are less noticeable and more powerful than the hearing aids of the past.

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Hearing Test

Our hearing exam covers five tests designed to help show us what you are hearing, what you are missing, and how we can proceed to help you reconnect your conversations with your friends and family.

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Hearing Instrument Fitting

After your exam is complete we will discuss with you the hearing aids that may best fit your hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget. Sometimes we have stock on hand to fit you the same day, other times we have to order to accommodate your order. Fear not, our manufacturers can typically get our orders out in just a few days.

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Hearing Instrument Service

We are here for you after your purchase. We stock most common parts so our staff can repair in house in some situations. In other situations we send out for factory repair. An exam is recommended annually because we can adjust your hearing aids to match your current audiogram.

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