Our Professional Staff

Our experienced providers are committed to a high standard of patient care and are here for you throughout every stage of your hearing journey.

Who We Are

We understand choosing a hearing care provider is a big decision. At Legacy Hearing Centers, our number one priority is delivering exceptional patient care. Our staff combines many years of expertise in hearing healthcare, and is well-trained on a variety of services ranging from evaluations to treatment.

We believe great care includes establishing great relationships with our patients. Treating hearing loss is an ongoing process that requires regular follow-ups, maintenance and cleanings to keep you hearing your best. Our staff is here to support you not only during your initial visit but throughout your entire journey to better hearing.

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Our Team

John Christopherson Headshot 2022 05 12 20 07 20 UTC

John Christopherson

Hearing Instrument Specialist

What does John love about his career? Being excited to see people's reactions to their new improved hearing brings him great pleasure. Helping them in hearing their spouses, friends, and grandchildren with properly fitted hearing aids brings him great satisfaction. Seeing excited eyes, the occasional tear, and the changes in connecting generations with conversations makes this new adventure worth while! John loves working with staff to help our patients in Alexandria, Morris, Wadena, Brandon, Evansville, and Parkers Prairie areas. John's MN HID Certificate is #2848.

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Christina Essig Headshot 2022 05 12 20 07 20 UTC


Hearing Instrument Specialist

Growing up in a household with family members who experienced hearing loss gave Christina a jump start on having an appreciation for good hearing. She learned at an early age to annunciate so that those in her home could easily understand her. One of her children was born prematurely and has a hearing loss as a result. Over the years and throughout other careers she has found that her passion for helping people with hearing was driving her toward a new goal - becoming a hearing instrument specialist. She looks forward to getting to know her patients and helping them with strengthening communication with family and friends. As we say here... she loves connecting generations with conversations.

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Office Greeter

Remmy loves greeting people at the door and inviting them in. Fear not, his bark is way larger than his physical stature! Remmy loves having people play fetch with him as well as sniffing their feet. He is still working on his manners. If you prefer that Remmy not visit with you during your visit to our office no problem! Just ask Gina to pop him into his office. He has plenty of toys and fun in there as well!

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