Your Hearing Appointment

1. The Interview

John Christopherson, HIS, shaking hands with a patient after completing a hearing test at Legacy Hearing Centers Alexandria office

We sit down with you and take the time with our clients to get to know what you are experiencing. We want to know what your hearing and where you are struggling. 

2. The Exam

John Christopherson, HIS, looking into a patient's ear with an otoscope at Legacy Hearing Centers in Alexandria.

John will check your ear canals and ear drums to make sure your ears are healthy and clear of obstruction. If you are in need of medical attention for your ears he will refer you to the appropriate physician to assist you. Then he will get you set up with a new appointment. 

3. Speech Recognition Testing

John Christopherson's hearing instrument specialist certification hanging on the wall in his office with two houseplants and a Widex hearing aid display at the Alexandria office for Legacy Hearing Centers.

You will be asked to bring a spouse, family member, or close friend to your appointment to do "familiar voice testing" to determine how you hear sounds that you are accustomed to hearing in your day to day life. By testing for familiar voices we are more accurately able to determine what areas of speech provide you  the most challenges. 

4. Pure Tone Testing

John Christopherson, HIS, working with a patient at Legacy Hearing Centers in Alexandria.

Using new technology we are able to put your mind at ease by checking your hearing through a wide range of pitches (measured in hertz) and volumes (measured in decibels). We are able to more closely pinpoint the exact areas of sound that are challenging you than we have in the past. When combined with your Speech Recognition testing we are able to better guide you in making decisions for your hearing health. 

5. Hearing Aid Options

Hearing Aid brochures.

We have several options in hearing aid styles and design from multiple companies who lead the world in hearing instrument technology. We will walk you through your best options and discuss these options with you step by step. 

 If you have chosen to correct your hearing issue with hearing instruments we will get them ordered up for you. In some instances you may be able to leave with your hearing aids the same day you are in for your appointment, but most often we have to customize your hearing aids to fit your situation. Most hearing aids are in within 10 business days. We will contact you when they are in.  

6. Fitting Your Hearing Aids

John Christopherson's hearing instrument specialist certification hanging on the wall in the Alexandria office of Legacy Hearing Centers with two houseplants and Widex Hearing Aid display.

When your hearing instruments arrive we will let you know and schedule an appointment to deliver and fit your hearing aids. We use the data collected during your testing to customize all of the settings within your hearing aids to assure that you are comfortable. We will also take the time to discuss your expectations from your new hearing aids. We will then set up follow up appointments to fine tune your hearing aids. 

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